Empowering Change Through Intersectional Expertise

In a world where change is paramount, Gafford Communications shines as a beacon of transformation and innovation. With a distinct blend of intersectional expertise, Gafford stands apart by bridging the worlds of communications, art/culture, philanthropy, and social justice.

Fueled by authentic expression, passionate creativity, radical candor, and authentic advocacy, we use our expertise as skilled communicators and extensive experience in executive leadership, marketing, fundraising, project management, audience development, strategic partnerships, event production, etc. to build revolutionary strategies and programs on behalf of our clients that reflect a desire to connect with their constituency while also making a positive impact on the world around us.

What truly sets Gafford Communications apart is its dedication to fostering authentic relationships with diverse communities. Our approach emphasizes consistent, authentic engagement with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities and underserved groups. From co-creating initiatives to cultivating meaningful partnerships, we guide clients through the process, prioritizing transparency, authenticity, and mutual respect.

By placing the ideals of equity, diversity, inclusion and social entrepreneurship at the center of our efforts, we ensure all perspectives are represented from the onset and not as an addendum after the fact, leading to holistic solutions that reflect a genuine respect for and understanding of potential audiences and customers.

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