Chief Disruptor Productions

Igniting Artistic Excellence

Within the Gafford Communications umbrella lies Chief Disruptor Productions (CDP), our artistic powerhouse.

Chief Disruptor Productions ​creates radically candid, compelling content that elevates and examines Black life for stage, film, TV, digital, audio, etc. ​Our art challenges how Blackness (people, culture, traditions) is represented in media - resisting the white gaze in favor of Black-centered storytelling. Our projects converge at the intersection of art, pop culture, race and gender issues, exploring all through the lens of Black brilliance.

While 2023 brought a temporary pause to our creative endeavors, we're thrilled to rekindle the spirit of innovation and artistic expression. CDP is your gateway to a world of captivating, curated projects that blend creativity with our unwavering commitment to professionalism. Join us as we reignite the stage and showcase the transformative power of art.

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