Innovative Capacity Building & Social Impact Leaders

Gafford Communications is a dynamic social impact consulting firm dedicated to partnering with nonprofits, artistic institutions, philanthropic organizations, and socially conscious brands to drive transformative change.

Under the leadership of Founder & Chief Disruptor Khalilah Elliott, Gafford is the go-to consultancy for capacity-building, strategic communications, and innovative program curation. By leveraging our expertise in executive leadership and two decades of diverse experiences across communications, art/culture, philanthropy, and social justice, we empower organizations dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices and championing critical social issues.

Our mission is to foster a more inclusive and equitable world by providing tailored consulting services to our client partners including executive management, leadership support, strategic advisement, marketing and communications, fundraising and resource development, event production, content creation, etc. Our aim is to bring our wealth of knowledge to clients, helping them to navigate dynamic landscapes with confidence and foresight.

If you're seeking to take your organization to new heights, Gafford Communications is your trusted partner. Our tailored services are designed to unlock your full potential, from securing critical funding to crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. Elevate your mission today and schedule a consultation with us. Together, we'll create a more inclusive and equitable world, one partnership at a time.

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